All about me

I graduated from the University of Sciences and Technology in Nantes, France a long time ago and I am currently working as a web development and Eclipse modeling consultant at Obeo. We are a small company focused on building great open source technologies in the web and on the Eclipse platform. Obeo is also a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation.

My professional skills involve back-end, front-end, modeling and Eclipse RCP development. I like to code in Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Flexbox and CSS Grid have made me love CSS again. I have been involved in multiple open source projects mosty in the Eclipse Foundation such as Eclipse Sirius. I am also the leader of Eclipse Acceleo and Eclipse EEF. I like to work with web technologies such as React, Node, GraphQL, Spring or even Angular.

Speaking & Teaching

Over the past few years, I have been invited to speak at several conferences including most EclipseCon in France, Germany and even North America. I am also teaching new generations of student at my old university in Nantes. My presentations have been mostly focused on web technologies, modeling and open source development.

Personnal Life

I love to travel to other countries to discover their history, culture and food. I have traveled to Germany, United States (Washington and San Francisco), Italy, Greece, Malta, Bali and more.

I would like to have way more time to read all the books I have promised myself to read but I spend my time watching TV shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Westworld, The Expanse, Start Trek Discovery and all the Netflix/Marvel shows…

From Marvel to Star Wars and including classic animated movies like Aladdin or The Lion King, Disney owns my childhood and I’m quite ok with that. I also like playing tabletop games such as Seven Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Smallworld and role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.